Commission a Painting

This page will show you how to order a commissioned painting and walk you through the steps to getting your own painting made!


Step 1 Get a Quote

Before I start the painting and before any payment is made, I will communicate with you and plan it all out. Then I will send you a quote for the painting we have planned and then once it is payed, I will begin painting!

Step 2 Plan Your Vision

To plan your vision you will send me the reference photos you would like to go off of. The more the photos and the better quality the photos, the better the painting will turn out. This is the step where you tell me what size painting you prefer and any other details you may have. 


Step 3 The Finished Piece

Once the piece is finished, I will send a picture to you for any minor touches and double checks! Once everything looks good and is ready to go I will seal the painting and get it ready to ship to its new home! Each painting will come with a shipping number and will be packaged with the greatest care!

Get a Quote
Artwork Dimensions
Select a Medium
* Extra dogs are an added $15 for each dog
* These prices do not include shipping
* Portraits (not digital) are an extra $20

Thanks for submitting!